Christ. A prophet from the Bible and Koran from “DaringtoDo”.

detail_63365816The Bible and the Koran, the two basic texts of the great monotheistic religions, are not that far. The show’s latest book Domenico Cocozza, Neapolitan scholar of Islamic studies from the very suggestive title: “Cristo. Un profeta tra Bibbia e Corano”. Work are compared some passages from the Bible and the Koran which speaks of Jesus and Mary, to show the similarities in these figures, recognized, albeit with different characteristics, both Christianity from Islam. Cocozza’s work from the fact that “it is easy to understand and see what are the differences between the two religions. Even more interesting is to note, however, what are the similarities, the parallels and the common points between them. ” The work is published by Editions Stamen.


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